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Analysis of the State of the Employment Market in Libya Today

You have to appreciate the previous circumstances of the population to understand the current boom in
recruitment in Libya. Libya was and indeed is currently in possession of an abundant supply of oil.

tactics of the previous regime resulted in trade embargoes and travel restrictions from the international
community. Of course, these impacted on the Libyan population in all areas of industry and had a
negligible effect on the policies of the Libyan government. However, in 2011, some rebelled against
the undemocratic way of life in Libya. In October 2011, the TNC declared that Libya had been liberated.

The changes have already been felt in Libya and with the full support of the international community; the
future looks very bright for employment in Libya.

Since then, most of the trade sanctions have been removed, recruitment in Libya has commenced
and many international companies have returned. So far these companies are directly linked to the
oil and related industries and employment in Libya automatically received a welcome boost. Since
opportunities for employment are ever-increasing, it is obvious that recruitment in Libya will see a
related increase.

Due to its climate and unsuitable soil, Libya imports three-quarters of its food. The interim government
will remain in power until the elections in June 2012.

Although not elected, the existing government has
already taken steps to improve circumstances for the Libyan people. According to a 2010 survey on
employment in Libya, Libya is the only Arab country with less unemployed women when compared
to men.

In 2010, employment in Libya was 82% for women while 21% of men were without jobs.
Unemployment figures are sure to decrease in the coming months and years. As more companies enter
the country, recruitment in Libya can only increase.

Analysis of the State of the Employment Market in Arabic Nations

Since the dawn of civilized man, the Middle East has been an important region of the world. In modern times, whilst there are numerous countries in the Persian Gulf area with vast amounts of crude oil available and as a result of these countries, despite the hardships caused by climate, are as advanced as any in the world with recruitment in the Middle East attracting global experts in several industries. In this prosperous region, the economy grew at almost 5% each year for the last two years and remains equally promising for the future. Employment in the Middle East has one of the highest rates in the world and edited the expected recruitment in the Middle East is a growing industry.

Despite the fact that Libya is the only Arab country with the higher percentage of working women and men figures for overall employment in the Middle East are very impressive.

Middle Eastern women and find it difficult to obtain work and for many, recruitment in the Middle East can be a valuable objective even if it means to travel to another country. Qatar has the lowest unemployment figures of all (less than 2% for women and 0.1% for men. In Yemen, over 40% of women are out of work compared with less than 12% of men. Overall unemployment figures in Kuwait are under 4%.

The International monetary fund has stated that the region needs to achieve an annual increase of a minimum of 6.5% in order to satisfy a young population’s demand for employment in the Middle East. Recruitment in the Middle East is growing to meet this perceived demand as one-quarter of those under 29 are unemployed. It is clear that there should be many opportunities available for our educated youth and sites such as this can only help achieve this goal.

Libya and the Need for Employment

Population density in Libya ranges from 15 to 1 person per square kilometer with more than half of the population living in the main cities of Tripoli and Benghazi. In addition, one-third of the population is under the age of 15.

Since the NATO operations in 2011, perceptions of the West have changed considerably, with the Libyan people now considering a friendly relationship with the international community. With the cessation of trade embargoes and other restrictions, both job opportunities and those seeking employment in Libya have increased dramatically, especially since the October declaration of liberation by the TNC.

As Libya is essentially a new country since its independence from a socialist regime, the challenges faced by the new government are numerous, with employment in Libya a high priority. Job opportunities have already been created in some of the large-scale projects commissioned to improve Libya’s infrastructure in numerous areas such as medicine, housing, and numerous other construction projects.

When employment in Libya is a primary concern, other projects are being worked on, in cooperation with experts from the international community. Libya needs to establish itself as a commercial base in the Middle East, attract foreign investment and promote its vast tourist resources. Due to travel restrictions that have now been lifted, US citizens are sure to visit Libya and traveled to numerous historical sites. Job opportunities in the tourist industry are sure to attract fierce competition from those seeking employment in Libya.

Of course, tourism is just one of the industries that will improve under the new government. Democratic stability will improve his relationship with the international community as a whole and the benefits of this are already being felt in Libya. International companies have already returned, providing much-needed job opportunities for those searching for suitable employment in Libya.

Advantages of Being Listed as an International Company

This website is designed to aid those who are both offering and seeking Libya jobs. As we have been
in business for several years, we believe we know what it takes to satisfy our clients, regardless of
whether they are searching for suitable candidates or trying to find that perfect Libya job.

While it is true that local companies can avail of free listings until the end of 2012, the advantages
of being listed as an international company cannot be ignored. Listing your enterprise with us as an
international company can enhance your business image and indeed attract candidates for your Libya
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Candidates, like employers, are also interested in finding a perfect match when seeking a Libya job. An
international company listing will be featured more prominently and have additional features that a free
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Our websites are the SEO-friendly and careful wording of your Libya job listing will ensure that it is
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Finally, saving the best for last, those who purchase listings for Libyan jobs as an international
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Libyan recruitment initiatives.

Free Listing for Local Companies in Libya for 2012

Free recruitment in Libya? Surely a mistake has been made! Well, it’s true! Our company is proud to
offer a means of free recruitment in Libya to all local companies for 2012 by providing free listings on
our website.

Where these free listings may not be as comprehensive as detailed as paid listings, they
are considered to be equally important by all of our staff. As Libya pushes forward into a new phase
of prosperity, job creation and widespread awareness of available opportunities are very important.

we realize this fact and wished to do our part for our country, we plan to assist local companies in any
way we can by providing free recruitment in Libya. We understand that just staying in business is an
achievement and that many companies are reducing costs where possible.

Therefore, you have no excuse for being unable to promote your available job opportunities and find 
suitable candidates quickly, while at the same time highlighting your company to thousands of site

With government elections pending in June, there is no better time to have free recruitment in
Libya available to local companies that perhaps wish to attract excellent candidates in order to improve
their company operations for a better Libya.

Free recruitment in Libya is not just a sales pitch as we firmly believe that Libyan companies have a
lot to offer a global market. Entry into this market is now possible since trade embargoes etc. are no
longer in place.

Our country, in the coming years, will develop its infrastructure, medical care, housing
and home-grown industries such as tourism using funds acquired from Libya’s vast oil reserves.

the petrochemical industry is an important one for Libya, many others will become prominent as Libya
reaches the same standards of living as other countries in the Middle East.

Creating your CV in Arabic is now an easy task

We’re delighted to announce that we have developed an innovative and user-friendly online method for
completing and creating your CV in Arabic. After several months of design and testing, we’re finally
happy with the results. Producing an attractive online CV in Arabic may seem like an easy task and it
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Creating your CV in Arabic is a breeze, just set up an account on our website and begin. Choose one
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Each template reflects a different design and layout. Those applying for technical positions may prefer to
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After template selection, you can decide on headings, labels or any combination of the features
available. While there are no rules governing the content, please ensure that all CVs are spelled correctly
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In addition to offering the facility of creating your CV in Arabic, we have also ensured that the
completed CV can be edited easily. All aspects of the CV, including template, can be changed in just a
few seconds. After the long hours, we have spent on this task, we believe that you should use the facility
to produce your online CV in Arabic today.

Job Portal Also a Means of Free Advertising

It is common for companies to showcase their main activities and we are no different. We are justifiably 
proud of our efforts to date in the recruitment industry and our website has grown substantially over the
 years, becoming more than just a local job portal. We’re now dealing with clients in other Middle Eastern
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The benefits of this advertising cannot be underestimated as many businesses do not have a website
 or if they do, it will not generate a fraction of the traffic that we generate on a daily basis. Of course, 
we have a team of experts that look after the site in relation to updates, performance, and any other 
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As a result, we feel justified in pointing out that when a company job post is created; an opportunity for
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