Advantages of Being Listed as an International Company

This website is designed to aid those who are both offering and seeking Libya jobs. As we have been
in business for several years, we believe we know what it takes to satisfy our clients, regardless of
whether they are searching for suitable candidates or trying to find that perfect Libya job.

While it is true that local companies can avail of free listings until the end of 2012, the advantages
of being listed as an international company cannot be ignored. Listing your enterprise with us as an
international company can enhance your business image and indeed attract candidates for your Libya
jobs that may not have considered the position if offered by a local company using a standard free

Candidates, like employers, are also interested in finding a perfect match when seeking a Libya job. An
international company listing will be featured more prominently and have additional features that a free
local listing will lack. International candidates will be able to review your Libya job before making an
application and are sure to apply to paid advertisements ahead of free ones.

Our websites are the SEO-friendly and careful wording of your Libya job listing will ensure that it is
prominently featured in search engine results. Paid listings will allow you to customize your Libyan jobs
in any way you want. This will ensure that your company name and details show up more prominently
than may be possible from a small business website. Job portals receive a lot of traffic and will rank
higher than the typical website.

Finally, saving the best for last, those who purchase listings for Libyan jobs as an international
company will receive a discount of 50% until stated otherwise. Contact us today and join one of the new
Libyan recruitment initiatives.

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