Analysis of the State of the Employment Market in Arabic Nations

Since the dawn of civilized man, the Middle East has been an important region of the world. In modern times, whilst there are numerous countries in the Persian Gulf area with vast amounts of crude oil available and as a result of these countries, despite the hardships caused by climate, are as advanced as any in the world with recruitment in the Middle East attracting global experts in several industries. In this prosperous region, the economy grew at almost 5% each year for the last two years and remains equally promising for the future. Employment in the Middle East has one of the highest rates in the world and edited the expected recruitment in the Middle East is a growing industry.

Despite the fact that Libya is the only Arab country with the higher percentage of working women and men figures for overall employment in the Middle East are very impressive.

Middle Eastern women and find it difficult to obtain work and for many, recruitment in the Middle East can be a valuable objective even if it means to travel to another country. Qatar has the lowest unemployment figures of all (less than 2% for women and 0.1% for men. In Yemen, over 40% of women are out of work compared with less than 12% of men. Overall unemployment figures in Kuwait are under 4%.

The International monetary fund has stated that the region needs to achieve an annual increase of a minimum of 6.5% in order to satisfy a young population’s demand for employment in the Middle East. Recruitment in the Middle East is growing to meet this perceived demand as one-quarter of those under 29 are unemployed. It is clear that there should be many opportunities available for our educated youth and sites such as this can only help achieve this goal.

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