Analysis of the State of the Employment Market in Libya Today

You have to appreciate the previous circumstances of the population to understand the current boom in
recruitment in Libya. Libya was and indeed is currently in possession of an abundant supply of oil.

tactics of the previous regime resulted in trade embargoes and travel restrictions from the international
community. Of course, these impacted on the Libyan population in all areas of industry and had a
negligible effect on the policies of the Libyan government. However, in 2011, some rebelled against
the undemocratic way of life in Libya. In October 2011, the TNC declared that Libya had been liberated.

The changes have already been felt in Libya and with the full support of the international community; the
future looks very bright for employment in Libya.

Since then, most of the trade sanctions have been removed, recruitment in Libya has commenced
and many international companies have returned. So far these companies are directly linked to the
oil and related industries and employment in Libya automatically received a welcome boost. Since
opportunities for employment are ever-increasing, it is obvious that recruitment in Libya will see a
related increase.

Due to its climate and unsuitable soil, Libya imports three-quarters of its food. The interim government
will remain in power until the elections in June 2012.

Although not elected, the existing government has
already taken steps to improve circumstances for the Libyan people. According to a 2010 survey on
employment in Libya, Libya is the only Arab country with less unemployed women when compared
to men.

In 2010, employment in Libya was 82% for women while 21% of men were without jobs.
Unemployment figures are sure to decrease in the coming months and years. As more companies enter
the country, recruitment in Libya can only increase.

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