Free Listing for Local Companies in Libya for 2012

Free recruitment in Libya? Surely a mistake has been made! Well, it’s true! Our company is proud to
offer a means of free recruitment in Libya to all local companies for 2012 by providing free listings on
our website.

Where these free listings may not be as comprehensive as detailed as paid listings, they
are considered to be equally important by all of our staff. As Libya pushes forward into a new phase
of prosperity, job creation and widespread awareness of available opportunities are very important.

we realize this fact and wished to do our part for our country, we plan to assist local companies in any
way we can by providing free recruitment in Libya. We understand that just staying in business is an
achievement and that many companies are reducing costs where possible.

Therefore, you have no excuse for being unable to promote your available job opportunities and find 
suitable candidates quickly, while at the same time highlighting your company to thousands of site

With government elections pending in June, there is no better time to have free recruitment in
Libya available to local companies that perhaps wish to attract excellent candidates in order to improve
their company operations for a better Libya.

Free recruitment in Libya is not just a sales pitch as we firmly believe that Libyan companies have a
lot to offer a global market. Entry into this market is now possible since trade embargoes etc. are no
longer in place.

Our country, in the coming years, will develop its infrastructure, medical care, housing
and home-grown industries such as tourism using funds acquired from Libya’s vast oil reserves.

the petrochemical industry is an important one for Libya, many others will become prominent as Libya
reaches the same standards of living as other countries in the Middle East.

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